Chinese 1 vs 7 HARDEST AI in Age of Empires IV

In this video we will see if it is possible to beat 7 AI on the highest difficulty as Chinese in Age of Empires 4. Feel free to let me …

Uh my plan is to do this with eight different sieves so i’ll play chinese in english then yada yada on eight different maps so i don’t play like you know eight uh black forest or something because that would be uh yeah a little bit too easy maybe

Anyway let’s try uh take number four first three were on dry arabia now we’re doing hill and dale we’ll see if it’s any better what’s gonna happen all right so first i want to see how big is my base because i actually don’t know how 1v7

Works it’s going to give me a huge base or tiny base because teams should be spawning together so there’s a chance that my base is actually super tiny and their base is ginormous and that also might mean that i’m gonna need to push out on the map very quickly

And uh if that’s the case then i mean so be it and i think that is the case because my uh wall right here is very close and this is very similar to how one and one would spawn so yeah i think my base is small oh yeah let me remove this overland

So what is my plan here um i mean i feel like i’d go with nestor b’s i the ais don’t really attack all together they kind of well sometimes they do but there might be an argument to try and do just crossbows sure if it would work i feel like i

Might get overwhelmed just with the sheer amount of units because my archers and crossbows would kill their units very slow yeah my base is tiny okay so because i’m playing alone and i’m spawning alone my base is tiny and there’s their bases main base is probably gigantic

Another worry that i have is they’re gonna go wander really fast but what i’m going to try to do now compared to dry arabia is i’m going to try to go very few nested bees like 15 total maybe because i kind of want to go imperial for

Bombards because i’m going to need to push out and i’m going to need more firepower and i also want to go for hand cannon ears gonna give me a higher chance of actually winning the game hmm I found no sheep by the way like what is this i got four sheep ole miss searching that is not good for me is instantly for stone walls i think that’s gonna be much better and then try to go imperial i’m kind of thinking about going double tc but i

Think it’s going to delay my economy maybe too much because they do pressure pretty pretty hard there’s actually not enough not a lot of resources on the sides of the map this is like nothing like it’s super super long if you look i mean most resources are there in the middle

I wanna go for the dynasty foreign foreign foreign like i don’t need towers because they’re not going to be able to destroy this right okay so there’s a trip there’s a market up there which is very far away very very far away or something cheating all right

Doing some more scouting just try to find where the resources are at one thing that i’m worried about is they’re just gonna make a wonder then i don’t really know what to do because i feel like if they go wonder especially this map how am i supposed to kill it

And i can’t really go wonder myself because there’s not enough resources for me to go wonder there’s only three goals in my base and not enough stoner and uh wood so i don’t know i’ll see more thank you they shouldn’t be [Applause] this is like a lot easier to handle

This early in the game because they’re going to be attacking but they can’t actually and just boom boom boom super hard with the economy and then go from there we’re just going imperial here and just go bombards and then palace cards i feel like i can probably get away with

It because they’re not going to be building grams anytime soon is you can wall off everything as well actually Actually hit imperial here pretty fast [Applause] maybe i add another tc as well it’s gonna be delayed [Applause] I could have had a tiny bit better economy at this point but whatever we’re adapting on the spot and then i want to push out probably to this cold it’s not that there’s no gold on the bottom side of the map oh i don’t want it to be destroyed on the

Top side so we’re just gonna build it there guys For sure across the midst of these um i like the way i did it that way better and this would be a lot cheaper that one worries me foreign Foreign Maybe i should have gotten this i’m getting it now so i’m getting hand cannon ears which are going to be very nice i think he stole the sheep inside my mouth foreign punch through um shhh Perfect so far so good uh we’re gonna get that so villagers fire collection right we’re gonna upgrade our siege getting hand cannon ears because they’re the strongest At least 300 woods [Applause] i mean for now it’s working i just gotta choose where i’m going next i’ve is oh oh um Oh oh 124 workers okay i need to stop are you doing actually for the first time in my life when i get this upgrade where the stone walls are repairing each other because i feel like that’d be pretty good for this situation oh [Applause] is he trying to elevate it all the way up Easy Okay here we go here we go boys this is where you know we’re gonna have to do this tactically in very scary is foreign I mean i’m almost finished oh Foreign [Applause] oh look the wolves are repairing each other dude i’ve never seen this in my life that’s kind of cool foreign [Applause] these oh oh oh okay Foreign oh working out pretty well oh okay i think this is fine boys i think this is more than fine i’m gonna start pushing towards your face i want to find the uh the entrance like on the side somewhere oh Okay that is the front entrance do i just go through the front maybe i don’t know what’s it called i’ll leave oh Oh my god this is a problem the more map you take they just attack from like every possible side it feels like ah yeah this is what’s happening right now they’re just gonna be attacking everywhere and i have no clue how to fudge to stop it i should kill some of the workers

I do want stone for ki is really nice it like allows me to Have like a place to uh you know defend and recover a little bit maybe i should defend first Is it could build a wonder but that’s kind of lame um easy I feel like this is too many units [Applause] oh [Applause] like again i don’t wanna oh oh um okay [Applause] i mean i kind of have to attack i can’t really see here easy is [Applause] Oh oh oh my god Is okay let’s go let’s go let’s go oh my gosh i got five wonders There’s going to be way less units to deal with can i kill an air [Applause] oh okay landmarks [Applause] [Applause] easy 11 minutes i got it i got it [Applause] okay that’s it this guy has one another landmark here and he’s dead okay one eliminated let’s go baby

Oh that’s the elephant dude okay that’s perfect oh [ __ ] the middle Oh [ __ ] can i actually reach the military [Applause] oh Is oh easy um Okay [Applause] [Applause] oh okay oh my god wait are they defending the wonders engaged foreign foreign next No idea [Applause] [Applause] at the same time okay that’s great foreign [Applause] oh where’s your landmark [Applause] oh Um oh oh oh [Applause] [Applause] easy easy Is is [Applause] six minutes is one more blind wait my my army just got [ __ ] wrecked [ __ ] man i can’t find his landmark oh i neutralize the sights i just gotta kill the cathedral holy [ __ ] man my army is like like almost gone by the way just rightly just right click i just

Gotta kill it there’s a lot of uh army that’s neutral there okay okay okay okay everyone stop panicking guys twitch chat calm down right now everyone needs to calm the [ __ ] down everything is fine everything is fine calm the [ __ ] down i gotta find green’s landmark is these are tc’s He’s got two three he’s missing h4 landmark so it’s swabia or the other thing i don’t know what the other landmark looks like i’m not even joking oh here palace sorry okay next uh okay let’s repair these two okay okay queen’s about to get eliminated Oh Is My units here i don’t want to like lose now or something is like for this guy to like kill me somehow um they shouldn’t be too hard [Applause] Of i don’t have any shield now okay finally reunited okay [Applause] foreign where oh my god his landmarks are up oh my god he moved his whole base down at some point [Applause] man you know this game i just went for sometimes you just gotta go for it you know even when it’s scary uh going into the unknown you just gotta buckle up and hope for the best and you say hell yeah and just go for it

Look at this wall this is some uh art right here wow but i love siege there we go boys [Applause] Turns out it’s just not possible in try arabia first game on non-dry arabian and i feel like i could optimize the build so much better i could have gone for double pc from the start for sure my english mainly and i’m also amazed that my computer didn’t explode because this was a eighth

Player game [Applause] Oh very nice Very very nice good job good job everyone we did it disconnected thank you oh by the way the yeah uh servers are down that’s why i’m doing one verse [Laughter] now do dry arabia well i’m going to do draw arabia with another civ perhaps with china i don’t think you can i think

The only sieve you could do dry arabia with is potentially hre because you can just men at arms and you can go around and just mop up um their landmarks or just go for eliminations like in you can rush castle and just go around and kill them because i think any other civ

Like china has to go and see it you cannot really go palace guards and kill them because pals girls are not that strong so i think like you have to take in in these games one verse seven you have to take whatever the sieve has the strongest and kind of rely on that

But uh i mean who knows i did on this map next one that we’ll try we’ll see which one uh and yeah let me check the uh the scores you guys love that you guys love that 107 villagers for all of them except this new i guarantee you they’re all blaming teal

For uh booming too hard they’re like you are so dumb you made too many villagers and we lost because of you um tech wise h3 helia britta with the 10 minutes there’s obviously delayed economy i got the most gold but also they they got pretty equal amounts of gold actually to me

Just kind of interesting teal was mongols right amazing and then military 2094 units killed 80 buildings destroyed hell yeah all right ggs china down we’ll see which civ i’ll be doing next and uh yeah it was good fun

hardest ai


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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