Aussie Drongo challenged me to beat NEW Hardest French Cheater AI…

AussieDrongo challenged me to beat the new hardest AI in one of his latest videos, after loosing to it badly. Watch me trying to …

Drunk asked if you could beat the hardest French AI one on one is that like a is that is that an actual thing people can’t beat AI one-on-one in the video he challenges you to do it what four stables and three ranges bro I’m I’m maxing out right now on my two

On my right opium on the racks I’m tempted to play once more and men at arm Rush him in the dark age but geez Louise he’s got some resources doesn’t he I want to take a look what is dude that air all right uh statistics economy all

Right well fellas uh the new AI is pretty good uh can be the conquer a three player I’m gonna put a challenge out there can it beat Beastie cutie that’s my question if you want to see it let me know in the comments uh I want to

See it I want to see Beastie take on this new new AI because to tell you what that’s a lot of nights I was trying to beat three of them beating one that’s okay come on now I’ve never TR I I’ve tried one versus three hard STIs and I

Managed to hold on for about 20 21 minutes alone one verse three I actually haven’t tried one versus one but let’s try here we go I’m expecting an easy clap I’m either clapping it or the eye is clapping me there is no in between so my idea for this is uh

Very simple as you can imagine it’s meant to be Burger Rush commanded arms keep it simple you know we don’t got Irene went to the wheel right steering wheel guys I’m failing a little bit but that’s fine giving the AI a chance [Applause] drongo did say I’m challenging Beastie

To beat the French hardest AI he did not say with English he did not say Andre radio and I’m not gonna use like an Island map or something right three times ready I think it’s fair I’m using uh ladder map s yeah okay yeah I should be aging up around the same time

We’re actually maybe a bit faster than I will maybe actually I will age up later I might not put a lot of workers in the agents stuffy Jason yeah let’s go thank you oh it’s coffee see you all right foreign [Applause] here we saw here tell me today We’re gonna go Castle very soon I’m gonna have extra gold I am very okay it’s not getting a lot of gold because it’s fooling workers back and forth thank you yeah it doesn’t have enough gold it’s gonna see worse than spearing oh my God [Applause] unbreakables [Applause] Washington again [Applause] [Applause] muscles [Applause]

Another story today [Applause] [Applause] one unit and not allow it to trade which is where it gets most of its gold now all the gold is dropped because the AI is running away my eyes are very very predictable no matter what game you play and they can always be abused sugar s all right [Applause]

Here we go [Applause] [Applause] and okay [Applause] what a new creature Castle just now [Applause] days [Applause] again [Applause] thank you very much [Applause] foreign foreign [Applause] [Applause] move it up [Applause] here ready okay [Applause] [Applause] thank you soon [Applause] Come on guys we gotta do some real challenges one versus three AI one versus two this this ain’t it it ain’t it [Applause] that’s there now I know listen I know what’s gonna happen I can already hear it oh but but but your AI didn’t make nights yeah

Because I didn’t let it get a goal yeah but yeah but you picked Prairie I can do this one anymore dude on dry Arabia a dude with a different suit easy clock 100. I do want to try one versus two hardest yeah that’s where the juice comes in that might be difficult

I’ve tried one versus three and I thought that to be possible but uh I did feel good um in all seriousness all means aside I think the hardest AI is obviously a lot better than a previous AI but it’s not uh there are ways to abuse ai’s Logan and uh there we go

The video is done I might do another one I might do like one on dry radio I think uh I think this kind of kind of shows it because the Sheep lasted me a while but I already I had like 25 sheep or something remaining by the time I

Pushed back the AI and then after that I can just go I could have just gone to bore because the AI was not harassing me but there it is jungle I’ve done it um maybe I’ll try another Sim now for fun English versus French on dry Arabia versus the hardest cheater AI Ara

Foreign [Applause] [Applause] foreign yeah yeah I appreciate that yesterday foreign Sir gander Charlotte easy I could even go here and kill these villagers but I won’t I’ll just stay here I’ll just chill ing Hey sir yeah no but you have to play a normal game you have to play a normal strategy you can’t do this this is a normal strategy

I’ve used this strategy in a tournament I don’t see why it wouldn’t count as valid how much tournament strategies aren’t valid then I don’t see a reason why not cheating AI meets uh bonus resources needs a cheating human with uh strats foreign yeah yeah you can really do be like that

Hardest AI is cheating it’s receiving double the resources so if you’re expecting to win against an AI that is hitting the feudal faster than you hitting the castle faster you’re making more Productions faster than you having more than three times the unit than you then uh that’s probably not gonna win [Applause] [Applause] read her up foreign [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Applause] foreign flash over oh God fail that snake yeah [Applause] yes sir foreign [Applause] [Applause] foreign you have to come up with your own strategy it is not involved Burger Palace or the English Village and if you do it if you do it I’ll do this again with another Sim with

A different strategy on whatever math you want we can make sure yeah we can make this a little thing I think it’d be fun get one yeah this took me about 30 minutes took me one try for each one the ball is in your court I believe in you I believe in it

There are ways to use and abuse the AI you’re not very smart they get a lot of resources but they’re not very smart everyone yes [Applause] before a burger [Applause] beautiful on Stadium [Applause] Trail border again here it is The air is about to make a comeback s foreign adopting back has destroyed yeah Morgan good game well played good game well played there we go another one stronger it’s your turn defeat the hardest French AI on dry Arabia without using the Villager rush or Burger Palace

And once again if you do it I’ll do it with another sip no problem easy peasy let’s go

hardest ai


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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