I know saying “how to beat HARDEST ai for beginners” seems a bit unachievable but if you keep it simple and play efficiently, …

Good morning good afternoon good evening and a bloody good day to you there sir my name is mansource thanks for joining me for some aoe4 today i’ve got a really good game for you uh against the hardest ai i’ve been i recently did a video uh like a tutorial on how to

Beat the hard ai which did pretty well um kind of feedback from you guys and views and stuff it went pretty well um so i thought i’d do another another video with the english for the hardest ai and i’ve never attempted to do the hardest ai before so i thought i’d give

It a go um i’ve been practicing a lot with the english recently in 1v1 games online and and just two on twos with my friends and stuff like that so um i feel like i know the english pretty well now and how to play them so here we are let’s let’s just run

Straight into it there’s no live commentary for this one so i’m just going to kind of talk through um what i’m doing and kind of kind of reiterate the build order and i’ve kind of refined it slightly uh since the last video so this kind of

This can sort of be a bit of an update um now that we’ve had a couple of patches since the launch of the game now that springholds aren’t uh aren’t the meta anymore manganelles are where it’s at for me anyway i’m i’m constantly when i’m in 1v1s and stuff as soon as i

Get to castle age i am making manganese and i cannot tell you how important they are when you’re doing 1v1s and i think that’s i think a lot of people do forget to make them and or just don’t make them um whether they don’t like them or think that they’re

Just not that good um they they are um when you’re verse in the english you you need to be making mango nails um i cannot tell you how many times i’ve versed the english and they have mass made longbows and manganese ripped through them so easily i tell you so

That’s that’s where i’m at with kind of siege at the moment um if it’s a really late game like if people are getting to imperia and stuff then obviously you have to make the bombards to even stand a chance of winning but i don’t think we even get to that in

This game in all honesty it’s more um i don’t think i even do i even get up to castle i can’t even remember i think i get to castle but not imperial um so straight away so start of the game everyone on food one person building a house

Um cue up as many people as you can to gold and then you should have two or three on gold probably three and then you want to whilst you’re clicking up to the first stage as you’re seeing now you want at least two or three people on foot on wood so

As you can see right now i’ve got eight eight on food two on wood and three on gold you i when you’re the english you need people on wood whilst you’re clicking up so whilst that landmark is being built the council whilst that’s been built you need people on wood because

You need to get the longbows out as as soon as possible because the hottest ai that does not mess around they they will push you as soon as as soon as you as soon as they can right so you need to get long bows out asap so it’s i always have

Two or three people on wood just whilst that council was being built um obviously you want your scout just still going out this uh getting the sheep uh seeing where the enemy’s at that’s not changed that’s that’s still the same you should always be doing that so seven villagers we got currently doing

The sheep um which is you know it’s pretty pretty normal uh i’ve got the eighth person there but so we’ve got i think it’s five people doing the council hall and yeah so we’re just using the scout we’re just going around seeing where the enemies are seeing if they’re clicking up yet see

Um you know how far off feudal age they are so you can i left the scores up on the right hand side of the screen um they’re currently ahead on score but to be honest i the score is a funny thing um it doesn’t necessarily mean the other

Person is winning and i think a lot of people when they’ve got the scores up they they focus too hard on what the scores are saying because right now i’m obviously 829 they’re 600 they’ve just clicked up 600. um should give you a rough idea of

How advanced the other enemy is is it’s not an indication of if the other person is winning or is going to beat you um i think a lot of people do worry about that and i don’t think they should i it should just be a rough guide to how far behind you are

Um so if if you’re afk at the beginning of the match and then they’re steaming ahead you can see how far behind you are because of the score but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to lose you know because some people they’re very quick to get up to feudal age and then

They’re not very good at the micro managing and they they’re not building second town centers they’re not building keeps and stuff so it’s it’s very it’s very important not to get too obsessed with the score in in my opinion from from the amount of games i’ve played recently and

1v1s i’ve done don’t get too caught up on it is all i’m saying and i think the developers are absolutely right not to put the scores in kind of ranked games and stuff when when they originally when when they do eventually drop it i think that’s a really really good move

Um if you’re spectating you should be able to see the score absolutely but i think the players i don’t think they should be able to see it and that’s going to cause a lot of controversy might let me say in that but i stand by it and i think that’s the

Right decision so fair play to him for doing that right so as it stands we we’re now in feudal age we’ve got the longbows being made we are constantly making uh villages so it’s that’s very very very important to keep making the villagers use you always

Want to try and have as many cued up as you can because you just want because you’ll eventually need more and more resources so we’re actually going to start to uh go for stone um i started kind of uh integrating this into my game into my games now um i’ve been doing

This a lot more is get people on get at least just get two or three on stone uh once you get into feudal age and it it actually works really really well so when you’re pushing um i mentioned this in my last video when i played the english and

When you’re pushing to build outposts as you go as as you’re pushing around the enemy’s base i have started making outposts and when you when you do attack obviously they’re going to send people out to try and get rid of your longbows and if you’ve got the outpost there they’re

Going to only push you back so far because obviously they don’t want to lose their unit to the outpost so that that does give you some protection from the enemy units and then if all does go to you can garrison them in uh garrison the longbows inside the outposts uh so if

You have multiple and you say you’ve got 10 10 long bows just raiding uh you could do five in one outpost and then five in the other for example uh and they’ll be safe for you know a while and the outpost will fire off more arrows so then that will just you know

Hopefully push back the uh enemy units uh more so uh so we’re just going to go around we’re going to just there unfortunately we didn’t see any villagers because the um the enemy actually withdrew the the villagers because we were obviously pushing so they’ve just sent out some enemy units and

Just defeated them as they come um we’ve actually got a decent number to push here with so we’re just gonna try and go around and find some villagers hopefully the more we can stop their resources the better we want to slow them down as as much as possible

And whilst you’re going around raiding uh trying to take out enemy villagers uh you want to try and keep the the long bows uh you want to keep them coming up so if you set the the waypoint for uh the council hall up towards the enemy base

You can just cue the longbows up and when they spawn in they will just uh obviously start walking up to the waypoint where you um where you set it so as you can see i can just queue them up and they’ll just automatically walk up and join the others um

You have to remember if if they do start pushing that the the wave point isn’t going to change so if you put it near the enemy base and then your long bows get pushed halfway back for example those longbows are still going to walk towards the enemy base and wherever wherever it is

So just remember to keep an eye on that um i’ve been caught out a couple of times where i just forget to move the waypoint and my longbows are walking into um enemies based enemies basically so um not the best move but it you know is what it is um

Also at this point whilst whilst you’re making long bows you want to try and uh have as many uh villagers cued up i’m just going to keep saying that until you know until people start doing it um because it’s very very important uh another tip also is to

Go with the to build a barracks quite early on and this is because the longbows aren’t i mean they’re very very good at raiding and um certainly earlier on they’re they’re very good um you want to try and upgrade the arrows as much as you can as quickly as you can

So the barracks will allow you to upgrade the archery units and make them more powerful so you want to get that plus one damage uh as soon as you can so the barracks is very helpful also the upgrade for um the military units building uh siege so the rams

That is an absolute game changer like that that is is so good especially when you yeah when you’re trying to raid and you haven’t got to castle yet sometimes you don’t even need to go to castle if you’ve got rams if if you can make the rams very early on

It’s it can it can change the game so you can see here that we found some villagers just chopping their woods as as they do uh we’re just going to take out as many as we can um they do try and push but obviously village is not going to do much so

That’s you know more for the taken i look the trail of bodies is just just there the evidence is there so we’re just going to go around with the long bows and just see what’s about um horses are a very very good against uh longbows especially these um these heavy knights

They they they are very good they do close down the longbows very quickly they don’t take much damage from the longbows um so you do need a decent number of longbows to to uh counter the to counter those nights so again we’re gonna go around take down

Their scouts uh i think they’re probably professional scouts is the you know their rus so the wrist will go with professional scouts and go for the the deers around the map um obviously now the those knights are retreating i completely forgot about i forgot about that scout up there with

The sheep uh too preoccupied with just raiding basically so try not to do that try not to forget about the the the free food just sat there um so we’re gonna move those villages from those berry bushes to the other berry bushes because i’m not being pushed um

It’s safe to go for those berry bushes and at this point we’re going to go for another town center um because we’ll just get a bit of a boom on and get twice twice as many villagers out and yeah we it’s just going to support our push even more um

Also what i will say is when i’m going for those next berry bushes i put an outpost up just to give my villagers some protection i think that’s very important especially when they’re not near the town centre like they were before very uh very important i think to

At least put an outpost there so you can see them cut see the enemy coming a bit more a bit further away it’s just it’s just helpful it just gives you gives you an edge so these longbows are about to get taken out i should have um pushed all together really

With these other ones but you know here’s what it is it doesn’t matter too much we’re just causing the uh the rust havoc here just gonna keep the pressure up the moment we take the pressure off they’re just gonna push because they’re making quite a few uh cavalry so

See look they’ve got four uh of a heavy cavalry there and if they were to push down to the villagers then well it’s you know it’s not going to be a good time for the villagers so we’ll try and avoid that if we can okay so now we got this um second town

Center up what we’ll do is we’ll cue uh some villagers to just hop on that gold there uh and then that we can then that way we can at least try and double the gold to production um that will just help us um in the

Later game if it gets to it when we start building siege because they do require gold um also if it gets to that point men are arms as well now long bows and meta arms are an extremely powerful combination they’re a bit slow but they are so so powerful uh

As a combination together so uh for now uh we’re just gonna keep um with the longbows and make some spearmint uh because the spearmen do an amazing job of defeating cavalry because the um cavalry’s weakness are spirit so you always have to remember to try and play to the weaknesses and

The advantages of what the enemy are so french and russ are a very cavalry heavy based civilization so take advantage of that make spearman you can you could probably win the game well i don’t know that’s probably a bit far i was going to say you could probably win

The game just by making spearman but um that’s probably a ballsy move um maybe maybe don’t try that so uh we’re gonna keep up with the production of stone get some uh we now have more people on more villages on gold uh the income for wood is very good

Just looking at it there now we could probably do with some more food to be honest because later game we do need to build more with food so at this stage we’re ready to click up to castle age so we’ll get that done now um so at this point you if you’ve followed

Kind of uh roughly follow these steps you’ve got two town centers and your economy is growing it’s becoming quite strong and consistent which is the main thing now you could opt for the third town center if you really wanted to have a really like you know a really

Strong economy and a very big villager boom because ultimately if you have a big villager boom that is going to convert into a big uh military boom eventually once you get the resources up high enough that’s going to benefit your military production massively okay so at this stage we’ve gone for the keep

Because we’ve got two town centres i at this stage i don’t feel it’s necessary to go with the third town center if the if the opponent had been more aggressive throughout this um throughout this game i probably if they had been pushed a lot more i would have gone with the town center

Just to try and up the um up the production of military so i can push back if you if if you understand what i’m saying so because they’re not really pushing them we’ve got them cornered so to speak um we’re gonna be a bit ballsy we’re gonna go balls deep and place the

Um the defensive building i think it’s called the white palace i think we’re gonna yeah we’re gonna place that right outside their base because why not um we need that support for the later game so let’s just do it let’s just let’s put that there and watch them struggle so

At this stage they’re making the absolute right move here uh by attacking by just pushing with their their horsemen um obviously they didn’t want us to build that because that’s that’s bad for them uh that’s that’s a really that that defensive building is amazing it’s so so powerful

Um so that would be bad news for them if we if we do get that up and that’s probably why they threw everything at it um but obviously because we’ve got the spearmen we’ve got the longbows you know no chance no chance so we push them back um

If it had been imperial game if they had been imperial for example and they had bombards and stuff like that then i wouldn’t even i wouldn’t even think about trying to push them trying to do this basically um because they would have put bonbons or bombards on it and

Yeah it would have been would have been good night so yeah so we’re going to keep up with the production more spearmen uh because they’re they’re pushing out more horses so we need more spearmint to to counter that so you can see towards the uh west of the map they’re now put down

There now excuse me they’re now putting down [Applause] uh archery ranges which again is probably the right move if they if they start to get out crossbows and stuff like that um that’s that’s again the right the absolute right move but we we really want to get this this this castle up now

[Applause] that’s probably the most important thing about this push at the moment is getting that up um because as soon as we get this up we can start making uh start making powerful siege it’s gonna be uh it’s gonna give us the advantage with pushing and keeping up the pressure

As soon as you bring siege into it and start destroying their buildings that’s when they start to panic start to crumble um you want to you want to attack with that as as early on as soon as possible so as you can see we’re starting to get reinforcements now with the spearmint

That we queued up they’re starting to appear at the top of the map where we’re pushing um also this was a this is a a good move for them pushing with more more horsemen um they do get rid of two of my villagers so we are left with two now

Um this is right because if you notice at the top they got the um the timeline of how soon the uh the landmark is to being built so we’re really close so we’ll just leave the two on it for now we’ll keep defending them um and that’ll go up in

The next few seconds um so we’re looking pretty good um just again just keep repeating this just keep up the pressure just keep just keep defending keep attacking cue the villagers in there let’s get rid of that that outpost that they’ve got there um we’ll get all the upgrades for the landmark so

They fire those big arrows and also the bombards which are pretty strong we’ll upgrade the longbows you always want to be doing that as soon as you can so every time you click up you do get upgrades for the longbows so you go to veteran and then elite i think it is um

So yeah that makes a huge difference as well you just want to keep all this up um a lot of people we’ll say yeah obviously you want you want to keep doing that but so a lot of people who are just beginning age of empires i mean it’s

It’s quite if i came from first person shooters um like battlefield and stuff like that and it was it’s very difficult to go from those kind of games to these strategy games where you have to think of everything whereas battlefield you just you know you point and shoot obviously you got some

Strategy involved but compared to this it’s you know it’s night and days it’s completely different so um don’t listen to what other people say you know you you do you you play your own pace and just you do what you can as long as you’re having fun that’s that’s

The absolute main thing with this game i play with friends i play with uh just random people online you know 1v1s are probably my favorite thing to do i love doing one versus ones um because the learning curve on it is is amazing i’ve just by doing one versus ones i’ve

Improved so much and yeah it’s it’s great the other day i came up against the level 68 or something crazy like that and i’m only level 30 something and i wiped the floor of him so and and that’s such a good feeling when that victory sign comes up at the end it’s

It’s awesome it’s so so good and if you want to improve as well i i would suggest it depends how much of a beginner you are if if you’re just playing the game for the first time stick with ai um do easy then intermediate and just work

Yourself work your way up if you if you’re starting to beat the hard ai um or even intermediate start doing one versus ones online just you know because you don’t know what you’re expecting with this i can set whatever civilization i want because they haven’t got the random feature at the moment

For um when you’re setting up games for ai i really wish they would bring that in hopefully they will in the next couple of patches but so i can i i set the roost and i only set them because they’re really popular at the moment and um if i can

You know beat the hardest ruse uh against the uh hardest ai uh roost then i’m i’m happy with that and um it’s just practice at the end of the day so um here we are so that thing i was talking about from the blacksmith uh earlier on um making the uh

Your military be able to produce rams um this is it basically so i made three rams i think they’re 300 wood with a pot um so i just made three of them and they just mow down their buildings uh with this castle as well um

You can make siege so that’s great so uh i think i’ve made a manganelle with it which is uh awesome for uh military units um especially uh so stuff like arches and stuff you want to be using the the manganese against that against those uh they’re really really good

So at this stage um i mean we haven’t got too much of a military we’ve you know um it’s not a massive number but we’re just going to keep pushing because we’re in a really good spot we’ve got the the siege we’ve got um a decent amount of long bows

We’ve got some spearmint we’ve got minute arms coming so we’re just gonna keep the pressure up go for the uh the landmarks that they’ve got move the longbows in at the uh manganell inn uh that landmark is also doing a really good job of just taking out

Just other buildings so like that lumber camp it’s just to get rid of it so then they at least they can’t deposit any wood um we’ll get rid of those villages that fell out of the town center and we’re just going to hunt for the rest of their

Their landmarks basically so if you see the top left destroy all enemy landmarks two out of three so we’ve just got to find one more and then that’s that’s gg’s so we don’t actually need a massive army here um because we’re just cherry-picking the buildings we want to

Destroy and we’re in a really good position and situation to do that um so yeah we’re just gonna we’re just gonna keep going for it keep attacking now all the landmarks once they are destroyed they can be rebuilt so for example we just destroyed their town center

If we were to walk away from that they could rebuild it and that wouldn’t count towards us destroying their landmarks because we because they rebuilt it so we’ll keep up the pressure we’ll obviously keep attacking the any military units they they throw us to be honest we could have probably done

With more spearmen and men at arms at this stage because the longbows aren’t too great against against buildings okay that wasn’t a landmark um i thought it was but it’s not so we have to keep we’re gonna have to find more basics we’re gonna find the

Last one which i think is towards the north of their map uh if my memory serves me [Applause] so we’ll get these rams and just move move everything up to the north get that last building and then it’s ggs really um as soon as you get that last building it’s automatically over

So obviously they keep trying to rebuild that as you would but no chance so we’re ready to click up to uh imperial age but there’s no there’s no point we don’t need to uh we’re just gonna keep you know keep up with the uh the raid basically

Yeah they really keep trying to um trying to rebuild the town center really trying to clutch it but no chance those pesky wolves attacking the miners again to be honest i think when i was playing this i didn’t even know what the last landmark building was

I think i was just trying to destroy all the buildings i think it’s outside this little base here i i couldn’t i couldn’t actually run i can’t actually remember so yeah here we’re just mopping up this this this isn’t really that interesting to be honest um obviously that wasn’t a

Landmark because yeah i think it’s out there so yeah i hope that you all had a good uh christmas and new year um i did film this way before christmas and i i did start to do all the commentary for it and stuff um but i just got distracted with um

Christmas basically and new year and stuff like that so i never had a chance to get this video out so apologies it’s taken so long um i hope you all have all had a wonderful christmas and new year um and i hope you managed to get a lot of a

Lot of age of empires in uh on the holidays um i did get quite a bit in uh so well happy about that so here we are now we’re just gonna destroy this last landmark it’s gonna go down pretty quick with the rams and the manganese and then that’s gg’s

So i really do hope this has been helpful i’m going to keep keep up with these um you know against hard and hardest ai and stuff but i’ll do it for different civilizations so hopefully you guys can see um for different yeah different sieves and how i do differently i think i’m

Gonna do them the mongols next uh because they’re slightly different so i hope you guys enjoyed this one uh leave a thumbs up if you liked it consider subscribing and i’ll see you in the next video thank you

hardest ai


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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