All the Hidden Advantages of Aging Up (AoE2)

Advancing to the next age unlocks new buildings, units, and technologies, but there’s also a surprising amount of other hidden stat …

Hey guys Spirit of the law here in this video  we’re going to look at the secret hidden Buffs   that units and buildings receive automatically  when you advance to the next age we all know the   obvious power spikes when aging up like Castle  age giving additional Town centers for booming  

And Powerful units like Knights and mangonels  while Imperial age gives trebuchets as a serious   threat to castles unlocking more of the tech tree  is important but what about the hidden stat Buffs   that aren’t as obvious especially when you first  learn about dark vs feudal age Scout Cavalry which  

Has a dramatic stat change I think it’s natural  to wonder what other similar things are lurking   in the game’s code so in this video we’re going  to look at what I believe is a fully comprehensive   list of similar sorts of changes as the poster  child and inspiration for this video though let’s  

Begin with the Scout Cavalry which basically turns  into a brand new unit the instant you reach feudal   to start with the Scout cavalry’s line of sight  increases by two in each Direction which doesn’t   sound like a lot but technically more than doubles  how many tiles are revealed at any one moment they  

All also speed up by about 30 percent altogether  meaning they uncover the map about twice as fast   as they did in Dark Age while ideally that should  come too late to help find your initial resources   it definitely helps explore your opponent’s base  once you hit feudal and explains why it feels so  

Much easier to run into enemy Town centers during  Dark Age maybe less well-known this continues in   Castle and Imperial adding another two site each  time naturally that extra vision is also retained   when upgrading to light Cavalry or hussar as well  now arguably an even more impactful change is to  

Their attack Scout Cavalry and Dark Age deal three  damage which means a villager armored up with loom   can beat a scout one-on-one you can still harass  villagers and be annoying but you don’t want to   stand around and let a fight play out as shown  here that Dynamic reverses though the second you  

Hit feudal age where Scouts gain plus to attack  that’s a bigger deal than it sounds as you can   start engaging isolated Builders and potentially  even kill them leaving your opponent not just down   a villager but also with a half-finished military  building or an incomplete wall so that’s the Scout  

Cavalry and something similar but not identical  happens with the garage camel Scout first they   receive the same line of sight boost matching the  regular scale Cavalry and futile age though on   the flip side this is just a one-time effect and  doesn’t increase further in Castle and Imperial  

They also speed up like light Cavalry though in  this case it’s only a 21 increase instead of 30.   they also receive a similar plus to attack though  their stats are a little different than the Scout   Cavalry and tilt more toward HP than damage  the implication is the same though where in  

Dark Age they lose to a villager with loom but  after the passive boost in feudal they can win   that fight and become a legitimate threat to pick  off a villager though their lower attack means it   takes them a little longer to do it Feudal age  is also when their bonus damage against Cavalry  

Camels and ships kicks in as obviously having  plus 5 in Dark Age would make them way too good   against Scout Cavalry so there’s a one age secret  delay to that bonus damage maybe most significant   though is their benefit to reaching Castle age  where they instantly upgrade to regular camel  

Riders with much better stats overall and also a  faster training time on top of that and finally   to complete the scouts the eagle scout naturally  has its own set of hidden upgrades first off upon   reaching feudal Age The Eagle Scout adds three  line of sight in each Direction unlike the other  

Scouts they don’t gain any new attack in feudal  but already started with more to begin with so   it all evens out instead it’s the castle age  where they get their important set of hidden   improvements first they gain an instant plus 3  attack and on top of that unlock their hidden  

Bonus damage against camels in Cavalry  their creation time at the barracks is   also automatically brought down from 60 seconds  to 35 and if you ever thought Eagles were hard   to mass in feudal age and felt easier and more  effective in Castle now you know why and it makes  

An important distinction between feudal and Castle  Eagles for American civilizations remember this is   all happening passively and doesn’t require the  eagle Warrior upgrade which instead targets HP   Pierce armor and speed but you have to pay for  it the faster creation time in particular has a  

Similar feeling to the crossbow upgrade secretly  cutting that unit Line’s creation time from 35   to 27 or similarly for the war Galley upgrade  nearly trimming that Line’s creation time in half   for how important they are it’s very easy to  overlook the creation speed element of these  

Upgrades and highlights one reason you don’t  want to get stuck in futile for any longer than   necessary when trying to mask any of these  three units getting away from these Scout   units now another hidden change you probably  wouldn’t know if you just picked up the game  

With Definitive Edition is all infantry gain plus  two line of sight in feudal age this used to be   a separate Tech called tracking and costs 75 and  later just 50 food but is now given instantly to   all civilizations when they hit feudal you may  have noticed this before with militia where if  

You haven’t hit feudal age yet you find yourself  stumbling around your opponent’s base and walking   into town center fire but suddenly in feudal age  you get a much better sense of what’s going on   around you no promises you won’t still walk  into town center fire but the fact each unit  

Suddenly reveals twice as many tiles at least  takes away some of your excuse but speaking of   infantry there’s a particularly interesting  one for our purposes here which changes more   than maybe any other unit as a direct result of  reaching the next stage and that’s the sergeant  

Again it would be possible to not even notice in  casual play but their stats improve dramatically   When You Reach Castle age adding an instant 50 to  their HP three more attack and plus one plus one  

Armor along with a secret 33 faster creation speed  the obvious reason for this was to make a feudal   dungeon Rush not completely overwhelming while  also not leaving you with something useless in   Castle age at the same time so the decision was  made to basically make it two different units  

Depending on the age you’re in now those are all  the hidden changes that I know of for units but   it turns out buildings have their own set of  secret improvements each time you advance we   all know aging up makes buildings look different  but did you know it generally also makes them more  

Difficult to destroy the general rule for most  buildings is that they begin with zero melee armor   and seven Pierce armor and each of these increase  by one every time you age up that armor is not  

Removed by the oh boot by the way though I’d say  it’s mostly ranged units that run into problems   with this in addition to this depending on the  building their HP also scales to some extent  

Here showing what their HP is or would be in all  four ages if you were able to build it or if you   started with it on Mega random for instance right  away you can see houses and economic buildings   receive a large benefit when hitting feudal in  Castle age while military buildings experience  

The largest increase overall by Imperial obviously  you can throw masonry and architecture in here and   for byzantines they’re building HP bonus stacks on  top of these changes meaning their buildings get   tougher faster than you might expect by looking at  the bonus alone I Byzantine barracks in Imperial  

Age for example doesn’t have 30 more HP than one  in Dark Age it has over a hundred percent more   personally I find it interesting they decided  to give buildings staggered HP at all as that’s   certainly not a design necessity Age of Empires  4 for example has static HP on buildings when  

Advancing and even within Age of Empires 2 certain  buildings like Town centers and castles don’t   increase their HP automatically they’re kind of  the exceptions here though as generally defensive   buildings do get tougher when aging up Palisade  walls for example jump from 150 to 250 HP when  

You hit feudal and stonewalls engage do this  even more dramatically when hitting Castle age   similarly Tower HP also increases in Castle age  though in this case that’s actually because their   feudal HP was dropped in Definitive Edition to  tone down Tower rushing even outposts sort of  

Get in on the action with plus two line of sight  each time you age up same as a scout Cavalry all   in all especially reaching the castle age gives  a lot of surprise defensive benefits and even the  

Case of the town Center which doesn’t get a direct  HP Improvement they still gain additional armor   so those are the general hidden improvements  though for the sake of completeness I thought   we’d run through a list of the civilization ones  as well while this wasn’t the initial focus of  

The video when I started to think about it it’s  amazing how many civilizations have bonuses linked   to reaching the next age in one way or another  when you really lay it out like this advancing to  

The next stage is pretty clearly giving you more  than just an expanded Tech Tree whether it be for   Scouts buildings or something civilization linked  advancing to the next stage always has something   else going on behind the scenes to help you out  and give an immediate and passive benefit that’ll  

Do it for this one though big thanks to Seb James  joxster Justin Kyle Samantha Stephen Woodruff and   everyone else on patreon for their amazing support  thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

age of empires 2 definitive edition


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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