Age Of Empires 2 In Real Life Episode 6

Episode 6 of the popular series Age of Empires 2 in Realife. Dubbed “The one with the Camel”.

You will experience real life events ranging from television shows, outdoor/indoor cameras. I hope this brand new compilation sheers you up.

Spoilers Index:

0:17 Stealing sheep
0:27 Monks lacking Atonement upgrade to convert each other
0:37 Elephant 1v1
0:51 Warning: You are being attacked by wolves
1:15 Monk versus Knight
1:23 Ally asking for food
1:35 Farming near a mill
1:41 William Wallace Mission
2:07 Food income struggle
2:17 Repairing a house
2:49 Siege Rams war

Songs 🎹

🎵 INTRO: Pokemon theme (Arion remix) | AoE2 Medley Quartet
🎵 OUTRO: Age of Empires II – Medley Quartet


Meet GregStein, a dedicated Age of Empires 2 fan and part-time developer. With years of experience in multiplayer gaming, GregStein has acquired a wealth of technical knowledge.

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