Age Of Empires 2 Controller Grand Finals Xbox

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Thank you all right guys it’s about to go down the two best players on Console Age of Empires about to Duke it out I treat you out to my 200 viewer Twitter followers hope you get 200 viewers I hope I do too but if not the

Fact that we got 170 whatever it was is fantastic here we go All right let’s get this up and running all visible stick it right on there all right guys here we go ladies and gentlemen in the south in the dark blue we’ll just call it blue we have Hammer Time playing as the Huns I don’t have capture AIDS yet I don’t

Have capture age yet this is on controller both these players are using controller both these players are using controller on the other side in the right hand corner the light blue it is solo ghost playing as the Franks ladies and gentlemen this is the one the only Let’s Get It On thank you

All right guys we’ve got Scouts coming out from both players and we’ve got one guy going out for wood not going after a straggler tree uh gonna be going after the one right here on the side and uh looks like one player’s gonna be going for a lumber Camp there I think

He’ll be probably building his soon uh hammer time delaying that that Lumber Camp just a little bit I’m just gonna continue here grabbing up those sheep over there got we’ve been building a house over there in the corner so it looks like he’s gonna wall maybe maybe this right

Here and then I don’t know what he would do from here maybe go back towards the main I’m not sure what his plans are if he’s gonna wall at all uh back on the other side let’s take a look we’re continuing to get a bunch of these sheep neither player is pushed in

An elephant yet and looks like he’s thinking about it he’s thinking about it with that villager for sure and it’s already done uh hammer time has pulled a elephant in hopefully he doesn’t lose that villager to the angry elephant behind him I have to put it inside the

TC that is a lot of damage uh yeah he may have to pull that in that’s gonna be a dead villager oh my God he gets it that was close I almost lose the village there but does not both players have brought down their elephants very even all around

Completely calculated on both ends here five workers over here taking up a bunch of the wood Scout in uh on this side on the other side a lot of uh units now taking up the elephant as well and we have two on wood uh for Hammer Time Looking pretty solid overall we’ve got a mill being built next to the berries as you should uh he’ll probably be luring that elephant in here soon and it looks like we’re already gonna see an elephant lured in by Hammer Time gonna bring that villager back on home and these

Villagers will stop harvesting that just in the nick of time to take down the new elephant and he gets it right next to the other elephant just exactly where he wanted it to be back on the other side the other elephant has not been grabbed yet by

Ghost he’s just a wee bit behind on that yeah yeah it’s gonna be pulling it back now to the main it looks like he’s gonna get that hopefully he doesn’t lose his villager either what a nice clean game here from both players what is expected out of a grand final for sure

And it looks like just two workers on the wood so he’s gonna have less wood than uh than solo goes for sure we’ll see if that plays A Part to the future of this game it’s got his Mill down now next to the berry he’s gonna be grabbing that very nice foreign

The houses are going to be built across here probably gonna make some sort of uh wall move to the trees on that side continue to get more of the offense let’s take a look here at the Village account it’s 19 to 19. both these players staying on top of their games

Neither player giving an inch let’s see who’s actually ahead on the village account though we’ll find out whoever goes to 20 if someone goes to 20. I was told that uh hammer time’s gonna stay on 19. and then go uh yep yep that’s it yeah he’s staying on 19 he’s going into feudal

That’s interesting yeah let’s do for sure I mean if I can find somebody I mean I don’t really know anyone in the Age of Empires Community like like in the big streamers so I mean I’ll do what I can maybe someone could put in a good word

For me I don’t know all right so let’s take a look here it again it is 19 villagers to 21 so he’s gonna get to futile faster uh than ghost ghost is gonna be too far behind though um so even if let’s just say hammer time

Gets to Tech too fast or Tech two I’ll call attack two I’m sorry futile uh he gets there a little bit faster uh what can happen here is he’ll get out some let’s say a couple of Scouts by the time he gets to uh solo ghost base solo ghost

Can use the fact that he’s on defense uh to basically uh defend against that he might have the same amount of Scouts by the time they actually reach the space or the same amount of units just something that can defend and because he had those two extra villagers for longer

His economy was gonna be better overall now it looks like we are basically dead even looking at the scores here on the bottom right guys it is insane I mean hair time just went up to the next age so he’s ahead but as soon as um solo ghost actually reaches next age

As well they’re gonna be pretty even except that he’s had those villagers working those two extra Villages working just a little bit longer now let’s take a look here he’s gonna go straight into a stable as predicted as in the beginning of those Scouts he’s gonna try

To harass ghost and anything we know about ghosts so far is that he’s not a big fan of walls either uh so he’s not going to have a lot of Defense going on to deal with this now looking at the back we do have walls as we can see on

The left hand and right hand sides so no sneak attacks to the back of his base either a farm coming up we did reach feudal as well over here 800 uh the scores basically the same I wouldn’t say anyone’s ahead or behind both players on 22 villagers

All right Scouts are out and about is he actually getting them together now with his original Scout to do some attacking and we’ve got more Farms being made more Scouts being built as well let’s see what happens here uh he does have his own stable up and we do have a Spearman

Out so those Scouts are not going to want to run into those Pokey boys a little spiky men there uh he’s got a scout Calvary back to his old but the thing is even though ghost had more workers on farms right he remember he did have more workers on I’m sorry not

In the farms on wood for a longer time he didn’t have the Farms up nearly as quick as hammer time which is interesting you’re gonna think that you’d have thought that he would have had the Farms up a little sooner I’ll back off now and just going to continue to make Scouts he’s trying to lure him out he probably shouldn’t be going out there ghosts making a huge mistake with this attack uh he is Frank’s he does have more Health on his Scouts but again this

Was a huge mistake why is why is Hammer Time running what there is no need for him to run I think he was in a fantastic spot there coming up oh Huns get to save wood thank you OT appreciate that I I’ve been told that a few times but it’s not it’s not

Something that’s really registered or clicked yet I appreciate that all right so I built some more fonts take a look at the uh the economy Here solo ghost was actually ahead in villagers there for a second so it was actually head by one and I

Look at 20 29 to 28 so he’s looking really good this is a really good game technically overall and I’m really excited scores are pretty similar we’ve got some uh some poke boys coming out and I think that hammer time making his first real mistake of the game running

Into the Poke boys and he’s got one out of for himself now as well I wonder if we’re gonna see a transition maybe to some form of archery or just anything else uh in this game let’s take a look at any players on gold yet let’s take a peek around here uh no

Gold for either player both players basically neck and neck right now I don’t think we could give uh the winning stance to either player Hammer Time making another mistake gonna throw away a poke boy and he does lose it and a hammer time gonna have to back off

Now more and more farms getting built all over the place let’s take a look at the farm count now we got 13 farms uh for hammer time let’s take a look now it’s solo ghost and he has an 18 Farms so that wood that he’s been getting all game are really

Starting to pay dividends and as he starts to go up in that all right it’s gonna be 33 villagers to 32 both players on top of their villager game for sure and we’re gonna be seeing him now just collecting wood Gathering farms and looks like we are going to see a mining

Camp come up so we’re gonna see some gold coming in both players building their mining camps guys this is insane they’re they’re neck and neck it’s it’s neck and neck in almost every aspect this is crazy this is what you expect out of a grand final this is amazing

Both players doing exactly what they need scores equal as can be a couple of poke boys fresh ones coming in one of those is pretty weak neither player able to get into the other’s base at the moment unless he’s in the pressure from the left-hand side

Where is the Army’s got four of the scouts up top they need to be down here defending very nice attack coming in for hammer time and now he’s taking out the Poke boys he’s gonna come in now and try to defend with his four horsemen

Uh looks like he’s gonna back up he did put a couple of dudes inside of the TC to help out on defense uh Pokey boy gonna come back into defense look at that Village is gonna get attacked here he needs to get back in there and defend somehow

And even behind this Hammer gonna be going into the castle age solo goes slightly ahead but once that castle age hits I don’t know what he’s gonna do take a look at this economy right now solo goes getting closer to being able to go to the next stage he just needs a

Little bit more food and he can head up to the castle age as well right now villager count is 38 to 38 both players exactly where they want to be a few scuffles here and there but I wouldn’t give the advantage to anyone at the current time All right a couple of more Pokey stick men coming in here to fight against the scouts and his own poke boy see what happens foreign Stables coming up you know what that means guys you know what that means we are about to see a night battle uh If

Ghosts can actually get to Castle H he does have great nights I do believe the Hunts have some good nights too maybe somebody’s smarter than me which is everybody in the chat uh could tell me what uh who actually has the better nights and the better late game you know

Horses overall and as to why I could explain it that would be fantastic let’s take a look at the stable count right now it’s looking like just a single stable though he’s not going to be able to pump so here’s the thing he is ahead in the castle age right he is

Ahead in the castle age but but here’s the thing he’s only got was it two Stables I think it’s two Stables he’s building another Talent sir now let’s take a look back over here uh he’s got one okay so I was wrong if two Stables are

Two Stables third stable on the way up he will be able to pump out more but does he have the economy for this uh slow because he’s got a little bit of food he’s got a lot of wood he needs to get up on Market he does have a market

He’ll be able to sell that wood off uh and buy Knights as many as he possibly can because we are about to have a big battle here very soon again for those watching I am casting on PC however both these players are on Xbox with an Xbox controller and they

Are duking it out in a grand final For Your Entertainment I am simply The Vessel another town center could be going up there on the left hand side it’s got a nice little wall here on the left side and at the right side though wide open

Some nights in here he’s got more nights coming out of his own both players are in the castle age we’re gonna see some defense here upgrades will be of absolute Paramount let’s take a look at the uh the night we do have two and two ten plus one and it

Looks like the knights for solo ghosts are definitely doing a little bit better All right big battle going on here in the middle but it looks like solo ghost is gonna absolutely clean up I think with the Poke boys gonna continue to stick it to him no pun intended and he brings in the rest of his Knights now gonna clean those up and move forward

Solo ghost at 20 I mean guys look at the score this is insane this is neck and neck let’s take a look at the Villager count though let’s see how they’ve been doing on that hammer time is up on villages 46-39 uh because he did I believe yeah he got

Up a second tease all right so he was able to double start double pumping those to take the lead uh in the Villager competence opponent not to be left in the dust solo ghost gets up his own second TC and he’ll be pumping out those as soon as he can as

Well take a look at the Knights here I do believe that I don’t think he wants to take that fight I know my I know my Frank’s Knights and I gotta tell you I’ll take that fight any day of the week any day of the week I’m taking that

Fight with my Frank’s Knights we’re gonna see an attack here he’s gonna go down the right hand side gonna look for a way in and we got another town center being built up top for sure They go up top he’s got to bring some of his own knights around and he’s coming down south he’s got a few scouts over there but here we go got an attack up top he’s got a few Knights defending it’s only two and that’s a problem definitely needs to bring a few more

Nights up there for some defense he’s gonna get raided here over by the gold this is really good for Hammer he’s laying down the hammer up here in the gold bringing some Scouts back around a couple of nights back on defense could throw a unit in the TC to help shoot if

They do get too uh too close but we’ve got a knight attack at the front gate he’s at the gate he’s about to burst through and he does goes and it starts raiding the goal both players attacking each other villagers Falling by the wayside solo ghost losing a lot of villagers overall

54 villagers to 35. solo ghost does have a little bit of uh wood to sell and he’s got a lot of food though if he wants to continue to build more villagers but he’s continuing to raid villager after villager falling he knows he has to make something happen and he is

I think this is a big mistake here I don’t know why he’s attacking the TC he’s popping him as they come out villager after villager falling 42-34 he’s starting to uh to purge that Gap killing villager after villager 39-36 40-36 making it happen with what he’s got here And just like that the Villager count is back to equal the score is neck and neck these players trading playing absolutely out of their minds All right guys we’re we’re basically on even Keel here however Hammer back up to 45 villagers he is pumping him out of those TCS the triple GC definitely starting to pay dividends here in this game a lot of nights though back out on the field

Gonna have to make use of those for sure I would love to see him maybe get another TC continuing to pump out those villagers he’s got to keep up uh with that production of Hammer Time he’s trying to draw him out here come the rest of his Knights I don’t think

Hammer’s Got What It Takes that’s a lot of nights and he’s got nothing back at home and there we go he’s got nothing left to defend he’s trying to put up a wall that’s his only possible defense he’s gonna wall up as much as he can

The knights are looking for an easy way in right now they’re just gonna oh right by the wall they sneak right by the wall they’re deep they’re deep they’re full deep on his Banks it’s over he left the front door open and now he’s paying the price forcing the villagers back into

The TC Ladies and gentlemen solo go starting to clamor forward clawing for those inches it’s looking like a nice Dub here for so long as Hammer Time can pull out something magnificent nonetheless both these players are absolutely phenomenal and I am enjoying every single second of this game Night’s coming back time we got some nights on defense though with the TC bonus nearby by bonus I do mean uh villagers inside shooting uh out for defense a lot more nights so these nights have gotta turn around I don’t like that hammer time is pulling in here

He needs to pull out pull out foreign Villagers back inside to help defend let’s take a look at the Villager account solo goes 59-49 he’s finally ahead in villagers and he’s pulling ahead nice taking a lot of damage from those TC’s he’s gonna get some more units out score is not significantly different yet but I could definitely tell you that

Ghost is feeling very good at this current time all right Hammer does defend let’s take a look back at home let’s see what’s going on check out the economy uh solo goes sitting on 857 wood and he can sell that build houses build whatever he wants he has got just an absolute

Brigade of knights here 14 nights at the ready to end this game foreign he has doubled up on walls on the left-hand side guys he is not messing around he is ready to rock and roll he’s like you want to come over here you’re

Going to have to work for it I was gonna bring out some guys over here and put down another stable there in the corner I just realized he has no way out of his own base he has no gate he is fully walled in and preparing for the long

Haul a bunch of houses coming down here on the right hand side to help with that population deficit it is going to be 54 villagers to 70 in favor of solo goes to his continuing that night production it’s nights or nothing let’s get a few guys out here on the

Other side ready to go doing some uh interesting stuff here could maybe go for a sneak attack he’s got to make something happen Doing his absolute best It’s got a handful of nights we’re going left-hand side could go to that gold right there but of course the TC is there could pull a few in there to defend that location pretty easily foreign oh my God look at all those nights oh my God run get out of there

Hammer time you gotta go you can’t you ain’t gotta go home but you can’t stay here oh my God He’s gonna come back into this choke and pray he can hold this location using that TC oh we shouldn’t be fighting right there he should be pulled back hey he’s slightly fighting under the teeth but I’d rather fight in here there you go pull back in a little bit use that choke

No don’t let him in don’t let him in oh my God he’s trying to hold the location the guys in the TC doing what they can he doesn’t have any forces on the map right now what’s going on over there that’s just water okay thank you foreign oh my God

He’s trying to hang in with just TC’s right now he’s building Knights on defense doing what he can he’s got boys and all of the TCS fighting just trying to survive but I gotta tell you ghost is looking great he’s on 90 villagers top 48. it’s just a matter of time

What an amazing game we have right now what an amazing set of players in this Grand Final Let’s see what solo ghost is doing here let’s take a look at that economy 2000 would he could easily trade that wood in and go up to the next age if he wants it looks like he’s holding on to it for now for something foreign built ladies and gentlemen that means we

May be going up to that next age crazy things are Brewing more and more stuff coming out though Hammer not giving it up not throwing in that white towel not yet we have just so many nights on the field these three nights while they are on The High Ground there looks like they’re

Just going to use that terrain these Knights didn’t see them they saw them though and they’re gonna go on by maybe oh my God he’s got another pack of them uh these nights are gonna go on by trying to hit some villagers over there what’s he got back at home oh he’s dead

He’s just got walls everywhere oh my God look he’s doubled up in every corner his left hand side is fortified oh of course oh no and that is it ladies and gentlemen there’s always a hole number one in this hammer time for the ground not gonna go quietly into the

Night he is ready to rock and roll all right I don’t have a repeat rule for this tournament uh Octavia there’s no repeat rule all right let me get these up and running all right ladies and gentlemen here we go in the North we have Hammer Time

Playing as the Franks in the south in the light blue we have solo ghost currently up 1-0 playing as the what are they called again I’ve already forgotten the Hindu yeah we’ll call them Hindu as the Hindu ladies and gentlemen this is tournament Valley let’s get ready to rock and roll all

Right take a look here six villagers six villagers both players scouting both players are actually very very close I mean look at this they’re right across the Valley from each other this is kind of insane how often does this happen that is crazy let’s see when they decide to pull their bore

Take a look down here no boar pulled yet they’re both just uh you know doing what they gotta do we got a lumber Camp coming up there uh Lumber Camp coming up in the back as well looks like he’s gonna take on that sheep there and we’re gonna see him attack the boar

It’s gone now let’s take a look down here believe that is still a sheep so no bore yet on a ghost so earlier bore from uh hammer time see they can make some magic happen with that we’ve got uh four villagers on wood let’s see if he does hopefully he

Doesn’t lose that but the jury’s gonna pull these now he’s gonna take out that board no problem all right now we are on 13 villagers the 13 villagers both players on top of their game right hand side we do got a mill going down for two of those villagers we have

A mill yet for him no Millie yet looks like he’s gonna bring off that villager there to build it I would assume yep Mill gonna go down immediately so different different paths you know play these players are doing things slightly different and I’m very curious to see where it

Takes them in this game um I don’t know if maybe someone can tell me in chat what are Hindu known for what are they good at what are their strengths got a bunch of houses gonna be going down on the North hand side probably blocking off this Walling it off nicely foreign

ER pull the boar you know that villager was actually getting hit why is that so slow that scroll speed uh villagers about half Health it will survive though very nicely going to take out that board as well uh just gonna continue here I mean he’s just getting resource after resource

He’s looking really good right now let’s take a look here villager count 18 to 19 in favor of solo go so once again ghost is going to be ahead in villages does this mean hammer time is gonna stay at 18 mils what is he doing no he just he was just delayed that

Can’t be good ah villagers are cheaper interesting interesting all right so we’re gonna see him continuing to uh just Harvest up everything he can here let’s check on the wood count that’s always interesting for the players uh we’ve got five our first solo we’ve got uh six

Uh right now for Hammer it’s 21 villagers to 20. and both players are now going up to feudal except one player again has 21 villagers the other has 20. so I got to give that Advantage right now to solo it looks like Hammer is winning score wise that could just be scouting bonus

We really don’t know but I mean villager count It’s gotta count for something maybe there’s only one villager but I think it counts ah look at that well I knew you could click on it I didn’t know you could hover over it that’s pretty nice we had the cheaper villagers unique

Units we got the Infantry the Imperial Camel Rider unique text Grand uh trunk road now do these camels can you get them in in or in the second age or do you have to wait till cast oh right now 21 villagers to 20 still looking pretty good ghost and uh hammer

At the exact same points basically I wouldn’t say one player is ahead of the other it’s looking absolutely fantastic at the current time camels are in Castle age gotcha looking pretty good right now let’s take a peek back at home 21 villages to 22. we’re not seeing any early harassment

Yet we’ve got a nice uh wall structure here from solo ghost on the North hand side toward his opponent so that’s kind of what you want but no actual walls yet we do have some single wall segments here from hammer on the left hand side

It wants to get that all nice and walled up uh this is going to be difficult this is a very very open area and if you actually notice where his gold is that is very very unfortunate because he’s gonna have to like do some crazy building maneuvering uh to get all that

Sealed in he hasn’t even picked all his berries quite yet either Okay well okay you know what’s funny about that uh weko Greco I probably butcher your name that’s why I want to cast on controller anyway I can’t because the search is broken that’s why I personally prefer casting on controllers because I have the analog stick and I don’t care what anybody says

No One’s Gonna argue with me on this casting and viewing a casted game where they’re using an analog stick to go smoothly around the map is it’s unbeatable it’s unbeatable it’s not even close it is so much better than this like this up arrow keys and doing this

Crap I I like analog stick viewing because it’s smooth that’s why I’m doing the right click right now because I don’t like jerkiness I try to keep it smooth I don’t want to give you guys headaches I just want to give you guys a very nice smooth viewing experience

That’s what it’s all about here again for those that are coming in here listening to me be very understanding I don’t know anything about this game I know rts’s and I know console controls on RTS I’m very good at those two things however Age of Empires 2 I don’t have

The knowledge that’s why I read a lot of my chat and I try to pick apart what they tell me and I try to learn I’m in I’m in the process of learning but I love casting I love playing I love console RTS so I’m here to stay and I

Hope you guys enjoy my content I’m doing my best foreign Building site obstructed possible ban evader I’m assuming that super guy is lying about that because I have a big Banny Vader thing above us above his name foreign oh thank you Kimber so we’ve got a few uh Scouts coming out here gonna be going after uh the uh the spiky boys

But nothing too crazy is having me they’re having the little skirmishes but it looks like solo ghost is pulling ahead foreign for the next tournament let’s go Everything Burns for the next tournament I’ll definitely look into the capture age thing but I gotta figure out a way

To use my controller on PC for casting because I I cannot stand using a mouse this is just gross to me it’s like how you guys feel when you pick up a controller right now I’d say solo ghost is just a head I mean he’s up two villagers he’s

Up in score but again I mean it’s not to the point where uh it’s you know Break It You Make It or Break It for either player again huge shout out to Marie you’re golden bro I have to buy it on Steam well I don’t

Have any money for it to buy it on Steam right now so that’ll have to wait shh what’s it what’s this game cost on Steam Uh after I get to 50 bucks in donations then I’ll that way I’ll have I’ll have enough to cover the next tournament um yeah capturing just read what Age of Empires isn’t um then I’ll save up money and I’ll buy age on uh Steam gotcha all right now it’s 36 villagers to 38.

A nice wall coming in here for solo on top of his base Not sure I guess this is gonna come back again I mean look at this wall and this is insane notice how he doesn’t wall in uh right here because he’s just using that little bit of space there uh created by the Golden Stone just so he doesn’t put walls to

Save a little bit of funding but look at this he’s got to build such a long wall up here it’s insane almost feel bad and right now it looks like ghost just kind of you know packing it in down here getting as much resources as he can 36

Villages to 38. I’m surprised at no second TC yet another second TC from either player yet our team has advanced to the castle age and he got there uh before solo interesting now what’s he gonna do with that age I don’t know something I’m also noticing I don’t know

If uh that capture age thing helps with this but I can’t zoom in any further than this and that’s kind of annoying because on Xbox I can get nice up and close and personal with uh what I’m looking at like this just seems really far away all right Castle age now for both

Players but solo definitely looking a little better on that front but it is 38 villagers to 38 villagers guys all right he’s gonna come on down to the South here looks we’re gonna see an attack here with a bunch of the Poke boys Trying to build a cross but the spearmen are gonna make it and we do have the Campbell Riders getting built a big shot turbo for the follow and here we go now I assume camo Riders can’t beat a lot of pikemen but I mean if he

Mixes in the scouts his own spear boys I think he should be fine Thank you building more more he does a little tickle there and he decides to move back it is 43 villagers to 42 for solo he’s gonna Pike down this Gable I’m not sure how uh useful that’s going to be well I’m playing on a 4K to 120 hert TV so

I should be fine there when I have gaming monitors and stuff but normally I plug my Xbox into this and I cast on this TV as well closer Zoom I’ll definitely get that for sure we’ll check that out we’ve got some scorpions out I’ve actually guys I’ve

Never actually even seen these units I don’t think this is crazy interesting little uh combination scorpion camel is this like a normal thing I’ve been um oh my God I shoot fast don’t they control per scroll wheel I’m not I’m not leaning over my keyboard and my mouse that’s so much work

I’ll just use the the right trigger scroll thing right now this will work for now has a lot of camels guys I don’t know what uh what he’s gonna do to defend here he’s got some Knights of his own he’s got a lot of Eco coming another town center getting built it’s

Got another one out there so it’s two towns there it’s 56 villagers to 54. and it looks like the camels are gonna take advantage of that right hand side someone in the chat earlier said it that long wall will be the death of him and we’re gonna see that here in a second

Those guys are getting awfully close do you think that there’s actually a hole there oh don’t tell me there’s a hole there don’t tell me there’s a hole there don’t do it don’t no no no no no no no don’t be a hole don’t be a hole

Don’t be a hole don’t be a hole oh no he’s gonna go he’s gotta click the knife separately so they move quicker this is bad he’s getting slaughtered he’s getting slaughtered ghost is slaughtering the villages oh my God he’s back out with the spiky boys he’s doing what he can here villager count

56-62 not a huge deficit but he’s losing more by the second This is a graph to these villagers on the gold right now getting lots of kills 59 villagers to 64. he’s actually building a lot of villagers as this is going on so notice he has three TC’s guys so he can actually pump those villagers out look at the score guys

Now while that was a great attack he managed to get in there I mean it’s 62 villagers to 66. hammer time has taken the lead in score were the camels worth it Oh my God they say the score is lying that’s interesting 63 villagers to 69 he’s definitely catching up she was down a bit but he’s coming back in all right he’s gonna be picking off some a lot of that gold here looking pretty good right now foreign

So close because the action’s like right in our faces I love it let’s see what he decides to do that is a town center over there so he could put some units in there to defend but it looks like there’s a hole over here as well both players have halls and both

Have been exploited oh my God solo goes getting slaughtered oh my God he needs to get some villagers out of there hard time is taking the Villager lead by storm camels are gonna flank around the backhand side but it looks like he is ready to go there are a lot of spiky

Boys mixed into that mix mix into that mix we’ll go with that both holes were in Campbell’s deciding to back up this is not going too well for them hmm Looks like dark blue is just going to take them all out the little the little uh scorpion Shooters are coming out here but I mean there’s nothing to defend them they’re just gonna die more camels coming out but they do not seem to be faring well against these Pikeman at all

He does have a lot of units inside this TC it’s 85 villagers to 70 Hammer Time not messing around oh man we got the manganels in here gonna start shelling from afar As you see now what they’re gonna start showing it oh my God we actually have a Siege workshop on his front door I just realized that battering ram is out could go up there and batter that TC if you saw fit ghost hanging on with his army of camels

Knight’s starting to get mixed in however I gotta be honest I think that he needs to keep making the boys because uh I don’t I was told that Knights do not beat camels so he’s got to keep mixing these in I think he wants to make sure he takes the fight foreign

Still grabbing that piece of wood there that tree now this town center is going to be going and gone here in a moment we’ve got another Barracks being built right on the front line he is ready to rock and roll we’ve got a castle up though in the middle gonna be using that

Possibly to go to that next age if he can’t afford to check out that economy solo looking good in the wood two thousand two hundred gold for what for what this man could buy an army he’s gonna buy the golden company from Game of Thrones look at that

What’s he doing with his Market oh my God he is loaded you guys are spamming glom and chat but I don’t know what that means he’s hanging in there he’s got some stuff going on the right hand side he’s got another town center he’s got the market ready to go

A lot of Siege here we’ve got a lot of pikemen in the back as well looking pretty good right now not sure what his plan is but right now he is looking fantastic he’s even bringing in more villagers he’s gonna throw the castle he has nothing here to stop it that

Castle’s gonna be placed and that’s going to be a huge problem here for ghost again for those just coming in here both these players are on Xbox on an Xbox controller I am simply casting on PC because it wouldn’t let me cast it on Xbox for some reason

Campbell’s coming out to defense slicing up all these Knights very easily and the castle has been built he’s building another Castle right on the front porch the camels are coming in they’re trying to defend but there’s boys there’s nothing he can do he’s got a back up he’s gonna lose all

The camels they’re getting slaughtered Campbell’s forced to back up he’s got his own castle now trying to defend doing what he can right now Hammer Time laying down the hammer on the front of his base I have no idea what he’s gonna do here he’s got to do something

He’s gonna make some magic happen let’s check on that gold still 2000 gold it looks like he’s about to go to the Imperial age trying to hang in there he’s gonna reach the Imperial age before his opponent he’s got a lot of camels let’s see what he can do here pulling

Back the villagers the TC continuing to produce more villagers villager count 128 to 80. hammer time looking fantastic creating a temperature we’re about to see some Sage he’s gonna have to pulverize his way out of the corner the map is looking very dark blue we’re about to see some Siege coming out

Here of course as well we’ve got these nasty camel Riders after ready to defend their Kingdom if need be we have the castle getting built again on the front porch and here we go the the bucket whatever the hell you’ve got trebuchet how do you know how to pronounce it it’s

Here it’s ready to throw some boulders see we decides to do we still have the uh regular camel boys here he’s still holding he’s holding this location holding it like the 300. and this narrow corridor oh he’s bringing the siege forward it’s about to begin can he hold can he hold

And here we go The Siege has begun under the castle one treb not even working right now he’s trying to hold on to this TC location but it’s not working out well the castle just completely laying it down he needs to bring a few workers in here and heal

That up you don’t want to lose that TC get him out there and start repairing that bad boy doing what he can he’s just not repairing it though he’s gonna let it die the TC is gonna fall got a few traps up on the field he’s

Making it happen the TC Falls all the Farms go to the Wayside we’re just watching this location guy no need to really move the camera but of course there is attack in the back they got a few nights at the rate where are the camels camels are here they could go

In there and defend the land if need be trebuchet is doing well here continuing to Siege down these castles as they go but here we go we got a couple on the other side for blue as well we’ve got a big old Siege war in the

Middle Here solo ghost trying to hang on with what he’s got getting slaughtered by these Knights camo Rider looking good right now it’s got a lot of them what is he doing where is he going trying to sleep down with Terrace Another Castle back there it looks like

He’s gonna come in here the boys are ready though they’re gonna come in to defend the camels are in trouble there’s a lot of bike guys coming in one of the castles following trembles the dust the other’s still alive but it’s continuing to get Siege the spiky boys are taking down the camels

And one Castle Falls for light blue dark Blue’s final Castle gets down as well but there are no camels left solo go sacrificed his Ace in the Hole the camel Army and now he has nothing left but a few rockslinging Krebs oh my God Quad pumping the uh the camels now rebuilding that army 162 villagers to 76. And it looks like we are having a Trevor but there’s nothing that ghosts can do he’s gonna try to defend with a little bit of uh camels that he has left but this is just not winnable there’s too many boys on the field too many spikes and there’s nothing left and I

Think that we’re gonna see ghost tap out here momentarily but he simply has nothing left to give he gave it his all but unfortunately Hammer time’s all was just a little better this time now as a Caster I am unbiased as to who I would like to win or whatever happens in the

Game but I gotta tell you when you’re in a grand final it is always oh so sweet to go to the final game so this is only a best of three uh solo won the first game Hammer uh time won the first game or probably gonna win

This game so we’re gonna go to the third game which is the best of three so it’ll be the final game this is looking absolutely insane though it’s not over yet but it’s certainly not looking good we got some Knights over here harassing yet again Castle being built up in the back And there it is ladies and gentlemen we’re going to a game three what a fantastic game from these two players everyone please throw some ggs in the chat show some support and love for these guys final game if you haven’t already again I’ll be I’ll probably leaving abruptly after this hit that

Follow button hit the the uh the Bell icon if you want help support you can donate or sub using the links in the chat you can also give Subs bits anything and everything helps out tremendously without further Ado let’s get into the Grand Final final final

Game of the very first Age of Empires 2 controller tournament for those that are just tuning in both these players are on controller on their XBox ladies and gentlemen let’s begin the some land Madness all right so let’s get this out of the way let’s

Get the uh thing going we’ll get the all visible and we’re good to go except for that I believe uh nope not that one not that one that one I’ll do for now yeah all right so uh in the South or the East what is this

In the east in the dark blue we have a hammer time we’ll be playing as the my gears I probably butchered that name but we’re gonna go with it hey man I I I appreciate you guys showing up that’s all that matters to me if you guys show up I’ll I’ll make these

Happen as much as I can and on the left hand side I don’t know how to pronounce that either that is the the tutons the T the tutons Toons yeah tootens being played by solo ghost and this is a land Madness two tons two tons all right villager count eight to eight

Neither player has pulled in a boar or anything yet that I can see we are getting in some very nice scouting it’s a lot of uh game on this map it looks like a lot of land no pun intended you can’t build a wall on the stone Terrain

Whoo so you can’t wall on this map huh well I mean you can but you’d have to use like your own structures there’s no like like natural land formations that you’re gonna be able to use I’m assuming you can walk over it too so that’s interesting I’m learning guys I’m learning for those

That are just coming in here recently I don’t know anything about the game I’m just a caster and I play Xbox RTS games but I am learning I’m doing my best now we got two guys on wood over here for uh hammer time on the other side

We’ve got four on wood from what I’ve been noticing solo likes to get a lot more guys on wood uh early on we haven’t had the bore pool yet looks like he’s gonna pull it now oh his villager did not move there for a second that

Looked bad for a second looks like he is gonna get uh the Villager back home and safe and go get the boar let’s check it out over here boar already pulled and being harvested by Hammer Time who is currently up in score albeit it doesn’t really matter right now 13 villagers to

13 villagers where is the wood uh the woods right here I have this thing called small tree mod small trees mod on right now so they kind of look weird but those are trees probably shouldn’t have that mod on for spectating though wait I don’t have small tree mod on this

On my on my PC version no I don’t know why those look like that it’s just a bush yeah they’re literally just bushes all right now it’s 14 villages to 16 ghost is up two villagers what is he doing what mistake did he make oh my God

The term this isn’t a tournament map I don’t think just a map isn’t it I don’t know I don’t know anything about the maps all right we have 17 villagers to 16 in favor of solo ghost he’s looking pretty good here both players scouting respectfully we’ve got the Scout just moving in and

Out checking out what’s going on here and we’re gonna be gathering up some sheep now I want to look at this because I know that these players before what I’ve seen they like the wall up so what is the process of Walling on this map I mean they’re gonna have to use their

Structures accordingly they’re gonna have to wall from structure to structure to save time and space and wood for Less walls to be interesting for sure to see what they do if they wall at all I’m gonna assume they will but I really don’t know perspecting is Bright House small tree is really interesting

All right 20 villagers or 20 villagers uh hammer time has caught up but not only has he caught up I know he’s gonna go he went to 20 and then went to feudal uh ghost went to 21 and then he’ll be going to feudal in a second

He doesn’t have a lot of food ghost is gonna be behind wow he’s gonna be considerably behind in in feudal what happened to his food well I guess again he’s been going for a lot more wood than hammer time has I probably will after the game it’s

Already too late for me to mess with settings but I’ll look at that for sure this isn’t a grid mod what this was just in the set this is just normal settings it’s all default you are too many Villas ah you’re right you’re right thanks for pointing that out again as I

Said I’m still learning I don’t know how to really tell that at the time uh we’ve got some game being gathered over here so we actually didn’t build a mill he’s gonna long Harvest that what’s the math on that is that good to Long Harvest it is it not worth building a mill

Interesting I’ll tell you what it’s interesting that neither one of these players throughout any of these games did any luring of uh of the deer stuff I’m just going to continue to make villagers here we’ve got some uh some dudes taking the wood on the right we’ve got them taken

Uh the structures over here it’s a really interesting little structure so he’s actually building around the berries foreign the left Gathering one up top above it as well All right there’s 23 villagers to 22 in favor of uh hammer time but overall I mean the score is similar I wouldn’t say either or is ahead they’re both looking pretty fantastic right now but no villager count sometimes starts to get crazy you know you get a little

Get a little bit ahead and then you just take that for a ride and just keep it going and we got a couple of poke boys out over here for solo maybe he’s afraid of some horses which is right on time there are two Scouts right there

And poke boys be able to go over there and defend pretty easily they take out Scouts no problem look how fast they melt those Scouts gotta get out of there but this villager get hit quite a few times I’m gonna have to micro that for sure four villagers can grab the entire

Deer’s mutant one trip no one see no one told me that when I was playing I Gotta use that information let’s take a look here uh score basically dead even uh villagers basically dead even solo ghost is actually ahead of hammer time now by a ghost and we’ve got a bunch of farms

Starting to come down as well nine farms in total on the other side let’s take a peek at the exact number of fonts by clicking we got nine Farms there as well back over here we got a little fight it looks like Hammer time’s gonna win that

And it’s in the graph to the villagers now yeah uh ghost needs to get out some units this is a problem he’s got okay he’s got a couple of spiky boys the villagers did get pulled back away from the bushes so they’re gonna be all

Right he’s got a lot of wood to work with so he can build more Farms he can build structures uh but right now hammer time is blocked he’s got to build houses he got blocked there for a second that shouldn’t be happening right now foreign just heading out here to the berries on

The far side Now while we got a second here let me take a look at well we got a second because I don’t know anything about the game let me take it we’re gonna take a little read here uh so the my gears whatever uh the village just kill wolves with one

Strike forging iron Castle best friends free Scout calorie uh hustar costs negative so minus 15 so 15 cheaper uh the unique unit the Meyer uh who’s our Cavalry unique tax uh Urban Army uh curvebo and team boss foot archers plus two line of sight interesting stuff

Let’s go to ghost take a look at his I’ll help there’s an attack going on let’s take a peek over there we actually have some Scouts coming in here taking out a villager so that’s a very nice pick off uh by Hammer Time gonna kill another Scout that is such uh

A nice play Village account 31-30 now hammer time has taken the lead with those pick-offs he’s gonna be pretty happy with himself but ghost is still ahead overall I have Pike man just took that horse to pounds out kills another one should have stayed in fought foreign monks healing range Two Times tower

Garrison two times the amount of units uh murder holes I don’t know what those are uh herbal medicine free farms uh cost minus 40. that’s really cheap Farms it’s really cheap Farms right there guys uh Town Center Garrison plus 10 Barracks dillian’s plus one uh armor in the cast

Imperial age unique the Teutonic Knight that sounds pretty cool uh unique text the ironclads he joins extra measly armor uh crenellations plus three range to castles Garrison actually fire arrows uh Team bonus units resist conversion oh so you can’t be converted by monks ah gotcha gotcha let’s take a peek back here

Looking good and we gotta fight here poke boys is taking out these Scouts uh hammer time just uh losing a lot of Scouts to just a few boys only three Pike guys in there so they’re not going to take out that many Scouts and he’s a few more than that this could

Prove to be a big problem now he’s got nothing to defend over here he’s got one guy out he’s coming to defense could throw a couple of guys in there and actually shoot that and it’s exactly what’s gonna happen shoots the scouts right as they walk away immediately gets out of that TC

Crazy game guys very equal overall both players making some interesting strides here so basically even though he’s Walling this off you can just sneak your units right on by there’s not really much to it all right we got a very very very nice raid here I mean that is phenomenal raid

Right now by Hammer Time who is currently up 40 villagers to 34 picking off more as he goes But Here Comes three of the pikemen coming in here to slaughter uh these Scouts and they are going to be pulled back now and not but not after uh getting a few kills of

Their Own score is very equal uh sappy Yoda says GG in the chat I’m not smart but uh I’m gonna have to disagree I think both players are very equal right now look at a nice Slaughter coming in though hammer time is making him like a

Lot of magic happen uh I think oh he didn’t get to finish that Barracks that’s a problem and we’ve got a very nice raid going on I don’t know maybe maybe he’s right maybe it is GG I don’t know so ghost is gonna hit Castle Age first Definitely have to get over there and get some units on that Gold Hammer Time or don’t know Hammer Time sold his Stone see I can see things that most people don’t look at that camera time sold all 200 of his Stone his opponent still has

It so it could be used it could be sold uh he’s gotten a thousand wood to play with so ghost definitely has some things that he could make happen here uh doing some smart trades in that market foreign more of these pikemen are going down

Here to the uh the units inside that TC Castle H has arrived I’m gonna assume we’re gonna be seeing some goodies coming out here uh more spearmen All right he’s gonna kill off all them we’re gonna see some guys probably go on the gold here soon take a look Market’s still going strong still has gold yeah he must be doing something I don’t know what he’s doing he’s doing something though he’s got some really cool looking pikemen though

Still nobody on gold very interesting let’s go take a look we haven’t looked at the space in a while there’s really been no action over here we got a very nice wall coming across the middle we’ve got the Stables up and running so we’re gonna see Knights obviously I mean and

What else would he be doing yep here they come here come the knights can the uh can these pikemen fight if he’s got the upgrades maybe and we’ve got the uh the Scout still harassing back here I absolutely love it we’ve got a town center coming up in the back side

That was happening over here too no Town Center back there all right now ghost technically is ahead on that it is 46 villagers for hammer time to 32 for ghost Hammer Time takes a commanding lead so if ghost can get up that second TC he might be able to

Uh start pumping out double vills to catch up but it’s gonna be a you know it’s gonna be work and now we’ve got that Night Horde going around the left-hand side uh let’s do fog of War here yet see he has no idea what’s about

To hit his lines here he does he doesn’t even know uh he’s about to get nailed he’s got to pull back he’s got to pull back where are the Pikeman it looks like he went straight in wow so he’s going in for a counter attack but he’s getting absolutely obliterated

By Knights I mean I I don’t know much about this game but I gotta say I think Knights are probably a better rating party uh than Pikeman but they do make their way to the back line there he’s got a few on the front doing some damage

As well uh if he can get some Pikeman up maybe to defend this location and if he gets enough villager kills then who knows if you get some of these Pikeman down here to the gold that would be fantastic as well TC is absolutely shredding it has actually got some more Knights

Here we got like six nights left five nights left uh Pike men are all dead they’re fighting for their lives they’re doing what they can back on the other side we’ve got the Pikeman continuing to fight uh they need to back up away from that TC and hit that gold for sure

Villager count fifth oh no ghost is down to 21 villagers unless these pikemen get off some of the greatest attacks in the history of the game I think Hammer Time may just take it foreign Keep pressuring him in towards the TC doing what he can but of course letting these guys Harvest is a huge problem has 26 villagers to 52 the knights are still in here putting in work but that one’s finally gonna die foreign I don’t know guys

I may not be a smart man but I know what score is it’s got a lot of wood look I’ll give it to him he’s got a lot of wood to play with he can sell that wood get the resources he needs and buy something but he’s gotta he’s gotta win a defining

Fight here somewhere I feel like those pikemen could have done a lot more than they did Foreign we got a little line of them here I don’t know how this fight’s gonna go I think the knights are gonna win um but we’ll see he’s got some more pikemen probably getting built he sold off a lot of that wood I don’t think I don’t think the pike

Would win this right there’s no way can’t tell all the nights are slaughtering that’s it oh here comes reinforcing Knights got some pikemen up top but he’s gonna have to bring him down here to defend he doesn’t have much of a choice got a cute little Eco back there he’s got another TC

Got more Pike than coming a lot of those nights a few of those nights are weak so the piping can get in some nice shots another Pikeman comes out needs to run towards that TC to have that defense help he’s actually got help here as well a lot of the knights are actually

Getting taken out believe it or not I don’t know if it matters too much we are on a triple TC though you can pump out those villagers like a madman if need be and these TC’s are actually kidding all these Knights at the same time oh foreign Check out that Eco it looks like solo has run dry guys he has run dry on eco all right he’s got his Pikeman coming back down though and he’s gonna try to hold the land 30 villagers of 62 hammer time in a fantastic spot these Pike men cannot

Chase if they chase they’re just gonna run around and do it again and we’re back in the same boat us poor villagers can’t catch a break it’s getting beat up by a tiger We got a knight up top gonna start slaughtering these villagers it’s got an army of Pikes down here but that don’t matter when the knights are up top should have kept this Pikeman around this TC that way he can get to this location in this location uh in a

Quicker manner having them on one side is obviously a mistake Fightmen are coming back down now to defend the land throws the boys inside the TC continuing to pump out let’s check that Village account 67-35 is he gonna engage he’s engaging the Pikeman under the TC what a madlad but I think that yeah I think the knights are winning oh my God

A TC should clean up but the knights won oh my God the insanity and guess what another raiding party I don’t think ghost has anything left he’s getting hit from too many angles now no Pikeman no nothing got a castle coming up for ghost battles what he’s gonna do with that

Just more and more Knights just strolling straight through these fighting nights of villagers that don’t work and that’s it ladies and gentlemen your first ever Age of Empires 2. Xbox controller champion Hammer Time please if you have not already throw some ggs in the chats for our boys here everyone that participated was

Absolutely amazing was a pleasure to watch and cast once I could and uh big shout out to hammer time for first place in the ghost for second place that is absolutely amazing and I enjoyed every second of it wow I mean honestly just straight insane hammer time we got another 50 so we’re

Gonna have another tournament next week as well winner interview Hammer you got a mic on Discord sweet let’s get that uh let’s get that winter interview gotta make sure you guys can hear him big shout out to solo ghost awesome play awesome play if you guys did enjoy the stream do me a

Favor before you guys go and hit that follow button and if you’re out there and you want to help support the stream you can donate or subscribe using the links in the chat you can also give Subs bits anything and everything helps out tremendously here on the channel and you

Guys are absolutely goated I hammer time I invited you to do a call on Discord if you can talk hey what’s up man I think he’s trying to get his mic to work Hammer Time he’s having Mike issues hold on guys it’s funny because your Hammer’s mic was on the lobbies

He’s nervous no he’s not he’s trying to get his mic to work show us some statistics huh Hammer with the stage right he’s relaunching Discord hello hello still not working yet I’m saying hello but he’s not answering back because Mike still doesn’t work in boys we’re trying

He’s probably got to go into his settings on Discord and like change around the the input and all that okay you guys think you’re funny all typing hello okay I see how it is show us my face what’s the point I show my face all the time while I’m streaming

I suppose I could put it on this screen oh his mic is muted now look I’m here to 50 bucks that’s gotta be worth something right we did a good job guys I got enough for that next tournament that way I don’t have to fund it myself like this one

Where’s my camera let’s take a look what’s this is my camera on it should be no why isn’t that working oh there I am half the picture is going to be black though hey he got it he finally got it oh now I gotta now they can’t hear you

On Mayan I gotta fix that now hold on jeez oh my God so much work all right Let’s do let’s try that are talking again there we go there we go we’re golden [Laughter] so how are you uh how are you liking the Xbox controls uh it’s an experience it’s an experience

Have you ever played uh RTS on Xbox before no but before Age of Empires I was I played like Call of Duty and stuff um so before age vampires didn’t have any RTS experience telephone control or nothing that’s your first one no that’s right yeah so uh the Xbox 82 release you know

Dusted off the Xbox it’s been in the closet for like six years okay that’s pretty it worked pretty nice so so for where you’re at on PC skill wise how do you compare that to where you’re at on Xbox right now I mean I know all I have all the

Knowledge still it’s just severely APN Limited um there’s hot keys that are missing that are really annoying the big one being uh return to work send villagers back to work that’s what Auto everything is for I don’t do any of the auto stuff so it’s all you don’t think we’ll even use it

Like super late game when it’s not even necessary to organize your guys I haven’t tested it yet I think I think after like 2013 I think it might even for you it might be useful since D and like the the older Ray Satan stuff the late gaming is super easy to

Manage anyway you can get the exact kills on each thing that you want but I don’t know I’ll have to say I haven’t tried it yet uh because of the garrisoning and like going back to work games tend to end pretty early I think yeah what other

Hotkeys you think are missing besides to go back to work huh well I can’t figure out how to use the hotkeys well that um like I can figure it out exactly trying to figure out I’m sorry I mean control groups uh which are you on Advanced interface or Basics yeah

But I think it’s just me and my 2013 Xbox wait they feel say that again though they feel what janky like a bit so here’s the thing I actually talked to somebody about that for whatever reason the left bumper when you bring up that wheel for the groups it’s slower than

The regular wheel it’s more sluggish like it is something there’s something wrong with it and I’ve actually it’s going to be in my video for Like Bugs and things but yeah I know exactly what you’re talking about for the groups I don’t even bother using it because it’s

Too slow like bringing that wheel up and uh selecting and all that so I know exactly what you’re talking about yeah so that’s why I throw away like a lot of Scouts and stuff which I wouldn’t normally do you see I mean as a release to console it’s

Overall a success I’d say oh yeah I think so for sure as well he said they said damn you were microing those Scouts without control groups yeah you can watch my stream yeah I was uh I did it a little bit um I I alternate between like selector military the control groups

Or just like go to next military or sometimes I’ll just click on the ground and do the big circle yeah so I’m like the opposite of you right now I I’m good on controller but I have no game knowledge I know nothing about this game my motto

Is rights or nothing and I go first I do things on PC crossbow play is probably the strongest kind of play but on this I don’t even see how you’d micro across the army so I think Scouts nights um that drush though in the previous round verse

I think Beaver was it that felt really strong yeah I did not have the APM to like microverse that and then try to get a staple down and well there is so uh they want to know what to do someone’s asking what your ELO is so what’s your ELO on Xbox and

What’s your ELO on PC Xbox I think it’s 1400 ish okay um after however many games think 15-ish uh on PC 2100 at the moment okay how many games have you lost on uh Xbox ladder uh not yet yeah on the ladder well on the ladder but solo ghost took one of me

Nice I I gave her a good stock on his uh PC profile is 1300 and he felt like that felt like an evenly matched it was it was a good game all the way around just little mistakes I think what was that I think was the the second game with you

Guys it was so funny you each had a hole in your base and you both went into each other’s Mains with your race as well yeah we’re all in Knights is so strong because you you can see on my stream I was like trying to set a gather point to

Like send them back to work they just weren’t going like even to ejects so even just a couple nights here and there causes so much man yeah and then your Farms are idle and you can’t if you send your Knights to defend and yeah one thing I want to see

The thing about you said like archers and like monks and things like that on controller I think that you will be surprised here in a month or so when a lot of these guys are either a on controller know how to use it learn the

Game or be people like you who know the game but aren’t good on controller figure out what you’re actually capable of with those little joysticks I’m telling you you’ll be surprised I I promise you that I think the the Xbox RTS Gamers will do better than PC to Xbox well even on PC

I’m pretty slow so okay I’m gonna Xbox it’s not gonna it’s not gonna get much better that’s awesome okay is there anything else you wanna to say or anything like that no apart from thank you for hosting the tournament ah thank you for showing up that was awesome I tried I’m really

Sorry to every one of them I mean I threw this together literally this morning almost and I’m happy people showed up and they played and um obviously the beginning of the tournament was a little rough because the Xbox search didn’t work so I guess I have to watch these games on PC right

Now yeah um it doesn’t work half the time on PCA oh that’s fantastic I don’t know that’s comforting but at least I’m PC though it makes it a little easier for streaming I guess but I do want to get my controller working on PC I know I

Won’t have the wheel but I’ll be able to use the controller to move around the screen uh while casting because I like using the stick uh to move the screen around while you know I’m spectating because I think it looks smoother yeah I don’t know this is my personal

Preference on that I don’t know yeah that makes sense it’s also more relaxing again um I guess we’re gonna go but I just want to give you a big shout out again thank you so much for playing and I hope to see you next week we’ll have another one

So yeah I’ll be there and I’ll message you to get your details PayPal or whatever to give you your uh share awesome sounds good see you man talk to you again later bye I’ll definitely look into that whack up and told that a few times definitely gonna get on top of that

Um all right guys so that’s gonna be it for me I hope you guys enjoyed that little Winner’s interview uh big shout out to everyone who played everyone who was helping me behind the scenes in the Discord and of course to everyone who supported the stream today you guys were

Absolutely goated and I can’t thank you enough for all the support that we’ve gotten this week and hopefully into the future don’t forget VOD yep let me publish that right after the stream ends uh Vern has been thank you for this whole week of entertaining streams hey

We’re only just getting started man dude listen listen we’re just getting warmed up we ain’t even warm yet um if you guys are out there uh if you want help support you can donate or subscribe using the links in the chat donations right now we’re gonna put those towards future tournaments for

This game uh whether they be controller only or just open tournaments for everybody what about me you got cash app uh I use PayPal but I think I can probably use cash app but you may have to wait a day or two uh message me on Discord we’ll figure something out

We’ll figure it out man if I have to mail it to you in an envelope we’ll get it figured out um yeah and again I can’t I there was no way I can go through and thank for you guys for all the follows normally I will but there’s so many

Oh the channel points I almost forgot about the channel points hold on let me get you guys paid out here uh uh hammer with the dub for this series ladies and gentlemen the hammer points have been given all right that is it guys I hope you

Guys have a great day probably gonna get on streaming a little bit I hope so we’ll find out either way I will definitely see you guys tomorrow and I hope you guys have a great day

aoe2 xbox


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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