Civilization Tech Tree Filter: Does it Exist?

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    I am searching for an app that allows you to easily sort through the technology advancements of different civilizations.

    This means you can select the tech icons from a list or type them into a search field and the software will show you which civilizations have access to those specific advancements.


    The best one is clearly the phone application: AoE2 Database.

    I think there is also a web page but I m only using the app


    check under advanced stats.

    If you find another similar or better in sorting out several techs, please tag me



    Just click on the techs you want and it shows which civs have the combo in the top of the page.


    Hey @TheOwlogram thanks for sharing!

    I haven’t updated this app since October 2 in 2022 because…


    But probably will have time to do near the end of summer.

    Just a quick recap of how the it works that should definitely put somewhere in this app :

    – On top are the crests of the different civilizations
    – Below is the general tech tree
    – Selecting units or technologies in the tech tree will filter out the civilizations on top leaving only the ones that access to all
    – Hovering the cursor over the civilizations or units and techs crests will display a panel of information
    – Selecting a civilization will highlight all the units and techs it has access to in the tech tree
    – Right clicking another civilization after having selected a first will change the tech tree into a comparison mode between the two

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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