Reply To: Have I Reached My Limit? Am I a Poor Player or Struggling Learner?


2500 games on random civ. if you enjoyed these games, you have achieved more than a few hundred more elo points could give you.
But if that is your goal, and after what Im reading from you, you might wanna really tighten up your BOs. When you practice certain BOs on certain civs, they suddenly become 1-2 villagers tighter, and suddenly you are a minute ahead and your opponent is always in trouble.
My approach to the game was basically the opposite of you. I practice a certain BO for a certain civ on a certain map, and I really enjoy that practice. And I basically hit the ladder at 1300. I really focus on spending every resource immedietaly, have no idle TC and keep my army active, and that alone usually gives me +10 villagers by minute 25.
Tight BOs are incredible and deadly. I feel like you have conquered the random civ world, you might wanna take a deep dive into really tightening up a certain BO on a certain map with a certain civ.